Ulverton's Wool Mill

The Ulverton Woolen Mill is a heritage institution, classified as a historical monument, dating back to 1840 and nestled in the forests of the Eastern Townships. The Blanchette Mill, named after its principal owner in 1906, introduces visitors to pre-industrial methods of wool production and processing. Guides comment and tell visitors about the daily life of wool workers in the 19th and early 20th centuries. The core of our permanent collection and tour consists of eight 19th-century industrial machines that are impressively demonstrated. We are the only museum in Canada that still has working traditional wool processing machinery. The Mill recreates the atmosphere of a late 19th century workshop, a "shop". The Ulverton Mill is one of the rare witnesses of the pre-industrial development still active in Canada and the last woolen mill with machines still working in Quebec.

In addition to being a unique interpretation site, the Ulverton Woolen Mill also offers the population a reception hall with an exceptional cachet.  More than 5 km of walking trails along the Ulverton River, in addition to having a specialized boutique, educational activities for the family, as well as being a reference in the world of textiles. It is a place of research on industrial mechanical know-how. It is a place that welcomes many university trainees before they enter the world of work.


1. Revival of the machines- guidé tour           A: 36,95 $
                             S: 35,85 $

1. Before losing the thread - Virtural tour        A: 9,95 $
                             S: 8,85 $

                             C: 2,5 $                       

3. Various events:
          Wednesday tea Party
                                 15 | 25
          Friday picnics
                                 17 | 20
          Sunday Brunchs